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Dynamics of Health Status among Mumbai Slum Dwe...
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Dynamics of Health Status among Mumbai Slum Dwellers:Living Condition Life Style and its Linkages with Health Status of Mumbai Slum Dwellers Mahesh Nath Singh

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Neela Scarf , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 303min
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Neela Scarf can easily be called an interesting mix of stories - some very urban, and some with a very strong rural flavour. Her characters are diverse - from a retired air force officer in ´´Mukti´´ to a teacher in ´´Kuch Yun hona Uska´´; from a Dalit woman whose job is to serve high and might in ´´Bisesar Bo ki Premika´´ to an aimless housewife in ´´Marj Zindagi Ilaaj Zindagi´´, they take the listeners to worlds and spaces that are completely different from one another. From a doctor´s clinic to a flat in South Delhi to a village in Siwan to an editing suite in Lokhandwala (Mumbai), her stories explore several worlds and several characters. Anu´s writing style is lucid and conversational, and therefore dialogues become an integral part of the story. Her writing dwells between popular and literary writing and carves a niche for itself purely because it is contemporary, and yet not impure. Sometimes she becomes whimsical and poetic (as in ´´Cigarette Ka Aakhiri Kash´´ and ´´Bisesar Bo Ki Premika´´), and sometimes she chooses to stand by the characters to let them narrate their stories (as in ´´Neela Scarf´´, ´´Roommate´´ and ´´Mukti´´). With ´´Bisesar Bo´´ she goes on to prove her talent at creating nuanced characters of her own. Whether it is the story of roommates living in a paying guest accommodation in Mumbai or about an indifferent and arrogant man who lands up in a compartment with an old and talkative man and a woman who wouldn´t get up from her berth, Anu´s prose feels simple and yet rich and complete.Please note: This audiobook is in Hindi. 1. Hindi. Anu Singh Choudhary.

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