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A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story: ...when love won ove...
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In 2008, the year in which the world became poorer and India less safe, there was a couple passionately in love. Aniruddh and Apu. ´´If you were to stay forever in the way you died, how would you want to die?´´ ´´Kissing you.´´ Aniruddh, a Ducati-riding, economics-loving dude studying in St. Stephen´s College. And Apu, a girl from Goa who loved roadside food and super-large earrings. Opposites in a lot of ways, they fell for each other the instant they met. But then on a pleasant November night, when India was going to sleep, Aniruddh´s love for his dusky lady met a terrifying enemy that came in boats from the sea, with enough ammunition to take on a whole city.... Will their love survive the horror the enemy brings? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Susheel Kumar. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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